Whistleblower Justice Network has over 20 years of experience in analyzing, filing, and consulting on dozens of whistleblower actions. Combating fraud in areas such as Tax Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, FCPA Fraud, Securities Fraud, Government Procurement Fraud and many others; we prove an expertise on the path of the whistleblower.
Working with whistleblowers is all we do. We are former whistleblowers.
Our case analysts will walk you through the journey because it gets complicated! You will want to collect evidence and build the best possible whistleblower case. We will work with you through this process. The ultimate goal is to file a document called a complaint with the Department of Justice. This document outlines the fraud for the government and hopefully spurs an investigation. This complaint is filed under seal. That means the case is a secret. This enables the government to conduct their investigation more efficiently. Once a case has been filed, the process varies depending on the nuances of the fraud. The road to settlement may be long, but our firm promises to walk it with you every step of the way.


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