Unique Sports Massage specialises in treating patients to relieve muscular pains, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress and aid general wellness, with the use of specialised massage techniques.
Are you a desk worker who spends long hours in front of a computer? As a result, suffering from neck pain, back pain or pain anywhere else on your body?! Do you participate in sports activities (gym, running, football etc), leaving your muscles sore and fatigue and hindering your optimal performance? Or are you a trade-worker whose body is under physical stress every day? If the answer is yes then you’ll be happy to hear massage therapy is for you!
Those of you that have experienced a deep tissue/sports massage will know the physical and physiological benefits of massage treatment. If you haven’t experienced massage therapy before, my advice to you! “ To truly know the benefits of massage, is to try it. It’s natural.” Massage can help with many conditions.
Unique Sports Massage offers a range of onsite massage services, ranging from home/office visits to sports clubs, corporate events and sports conditioning.
With our wealth of experience, Unique Sports Massage has the answer to your aches, pains and functional movement.
We have now added Mobile Massage as a new service to Unique Sports Massage. For more information on this service. Please get in contact. We are a phone call away from bringing our services to your City/Town.


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