Stars to endorse lifelike sex dolls

Or because of the inefficiency of Chinchakt, soldiers on the battlefield still did not enjoy this benefit one year after the implementation of the “Borghilde” plan. The task is not as simple as first imagined.

In fact, at the same time as the “Borghilde” project, the German chemical giant Farben is also developing a batch of synthetic plastic models with good “skin” and elasticity for the SS, but they don’t know how to make them. The shape of those soldiers will love these plastic dolls.


The early director of the “Borghilde” project, Chinchachter, believed that real female models should be used as imitation objects. He invited a group of famous female athletes to his studio for photos, including participating in Olympic track and field events. Wilhelmina von Bremen and Annette Walter. But in the process of making lifelike sex dolls, Chinchachter discovered that imitating these athletes simply didn’t work. In his letter to Marigosko, he wrote: “A lot of times, they have short legs that look particularly ugly, and their arms are similar to those of wrestlers. In short, the whole sex doll is nauseating. And I There is also no way to assemble the individual parts to form a complete mannequin.”

New program for silicone sex dolls

After discussion, they came up with a new plan, which is to find the film and television stars at that time as the object of imitation, and agreed to make a charming and playful face, like the famous movie star Cass von Nagy at that time. When Marigosko goes to find beauty Najib, the latter politely refuses to use his face on the silicone sex dolls.

In July 1941, when Hitler’s forces attacked the Soviet Union, Marigosko dropped out of the “Borgschild” program, and the penniless but ambitious Dane Oren Hannussen joined the team, the physician became The leader of this team.


Two years into World War II, the Nazis are trying to capture politically significant Stalingrad. Hannusson asked everyone to speed up to complete the plan. As the initiators, they do not have any reference materials, and it is difficult to achieve the same body as a real person in terms of plastic technology.

Chagheimer wrote to Hannusson, pointing out the difficulty of the plan: “The purpose and purpose of making the Big Boobs Sex Doll is really to save our soldiers from the dire straits. They must fight men of enemy nations and risk their lives. ‘fighting’ with foreign women in bed with a blank face at the risk of getting sick One, the synthetic human body must have the touch of a real woman; two, the body and limbs of the sex doll must be as flexible as real people; and three, the organs of the sex doll must make people feel that they are completely real. ”



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