The Benefits of Sex Torso For Men

Maybe your desire for sex is strong. But you don’t have the budget to buy or don’t like full-size sex dolls. Because it’s not only expensive but also has a lot of annoying stuff (inconvenient to carry, hard to store, etc.). Now sex torso for men is perfect for you. Maybe you think pocket vaginas or male masturbation cups are great ideas for dealing with your sexual urges. However, this is only a local stimulus. As you know, it’s a tube on a dick. But torso sex doll for men has many benefits.

As you can see, a 1:1 sex torso for men costs less than a thousand dollars. The smallest are only $100+. So if you are a beginner in Female sex dolls, it is best to choose a female sex torso. It won’t hurt your wallet.

The largest female torso sex toy weighs less than 25kg. The smallest weighs less than 3kg. If you bought the smaller sex torso for men, you are in bed. Your lovely torso rides on your cock. Then enjoy penetration from any angle. It’s easy. And, you can keep it in your own suitcase when you’re out and about. This way you can enjoy sex anytime, anywhere.
realistic body parts
These sex torsos for men have plump bodies. The larger torso is proportional to the female body. When you hug her, you might forget that she’s just a torso. Even the smallest female torso sex doll has lifelike bodies. Especially the pair of tits, both tactile and visual, will make people feel real.

Healthy material
At Poptorso, all sex torsos for men are made with high-quality materials. These materials are very soft. Feels like real skin. These materials are friendly to humans. When you rock your torso back and forth during sex, these sex torso for men’s chest and hips will rock back and forth.

Realistic pussy and anal
sex torso for men has a very realistic pussy and anal hole. When your dick goes through these two holes, you will feel the authenticity of the inner contour. Because designers have imitated the sensation of vaginal and anal penetration to the extreme. These internal channels have textured bumps and ridges. If you buy a large-size sex torso, you will enjoy a vagina and anal canal of 15 cm or more. At the same time, the large-size sex torso is designed with two independent closed channels. So you will feel comfortable sucking when the dick is inserted. This is the restoration of authenticity.

Easy to clean
Cleaning is very important for any sex toy. You can clean a female sex torso more easily than any full-size sex doll. Put her in your bathroom sink. Rinse each of her holes like laundry. Then wipe dry. Finally, store it under the bed or in a closet.
flexible skeleton
For some large sex torso for men, built-in high-grade metal skeletons. So, you can enjoy multiple sex positions. In real sex, some sexual positions are unacceptable. However, the female sex torso can help you achieve these sex positions with ease. But if you’re a fan of doggy style, buying a big-ass sex doll is a great option.


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