New Zealand Lifestyle Imports are leading suppliers of bunk beds through NZ. This includes loft bunks. You’ll find a wide selection in a range of different colours and styles. Whether you want loft bunks to sleep one, two, or even three, we’ve got what you are looking for. Loft bunks are a popular choice in NZ. They are a great space-saving option, so they are ideal in smaller rooms. They are also stylish and come in a range of configurations, ensuring you can get a solution that meets your requirements.

At New Zealand Lifestyle Imports, we don’t just supply bunk beds for homes as we also have options suitable for other applications. This includes:
. Holiday homes
. Properties rented on Airbnb
. Holiday parks
. Backpacker accommodation and hostels
. Accommodation for other short-term rentals
You will find bunk beds in our range that offer the ideal combination of strength, stylish design, and affordability. They are also durable, too, even in busy accommodation facilities where the beds will be in use most nights.

Mid sleeper bunk beds are a popular choice in NZ. They are ideal for children aged from about six to about nine years old, although children who are 10+ can still use a mid-sleeper as the options we supply have weight ratings of up to 90kg. The biggest benefit of a mid-sleeper is that it saves space in your child’s room. The space under the top bunk can feature another bed, storage features, or it can be used for other purposes, depending on the style of mid sleeper.


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