Lifelike sex dolls are all about teasing your partner’s desires. To give sex a better start, what erotic tools are suitable for a partner or couple.

Simulate the tongue, go deep into the “flower heart”

After the softer sex simulation tongue is electrified, it can vibrate by itself, and it can also penetrate into the “flowery heart” of women. That’s the beauty of an electric tongue simulator, perfect for stimulating sensitive spots. And the simulated tongue is also full of floating points, which makes the pleasure more intense when it comes into contact with the skin.


Interesting “Whirlwind Tongue”, constantly teasing

The sexy “Whirlwind Tongue” is like a small electric fan, and the fan blades are very soft and will not damage the skin. After running, the high-speed fan blades are in contact with the skin, and that kind of continuous and “dragonfly”-like provocation, few people can calm down. ”

Tentacles fluttering, itching unbearable

In order to make the little jumping egg more powerful, the designers added new elements to the egg body, such as small tentacles. These small tentacles are made of materials that are harmless to the human body and will not hurt the skin. While the vibrating egg vibrates, it also brings a different sense of sexual stimulation to the skin and key parts.

Hedgehog jumping eggs, increase stimulation

Like Tentacles, the “Hedgehog” Tiaodan is also remodeled with healthy materials, so that its surface is covered with many thorns. Of course, these thorns are to increase the irritation of the skin, try it once and you will know its benefits.

Of course, in addition to the above silicone sex dolls. Many people are also worried that there will be problems when purchasing. After all, there must be pros and cons for the things made by manufacturers. The size of the store and the formality of the purchased items also determine the quality of sex toys. These restless factors make it difficult to choose. Can you buy it or not. Moreover, due to face problems, many people are embarrassed to go to the sex shop blatantly, and even if they are shopping online, they are afraid of making jokes when receiving express delivery. So, making one yourself is also a very good choice.

silicone sex dolls for added stimulation
Friends who are responsible for washing dishes at home must have used rubber gloves. The good thing about this glove is that the rubber has a good texture, it can be blown up, it can be filled with water, and some gloves have floating points on the surface. Then inflate or fill it according to your personal preference! When the gloves are full, be sure to tie the bottom tightly, wrap them with plastic wrap, and bind them with a few more strong rubber bands to ensure that there will be no air leakage or water leakage. If there is a better way.

After simple processing, the rubber gloves swelled up like an angry puffer fish, and there are five small tentacles of different sizes! Use it to tease the sensitive areas of women, and even tease the vaginal opening with small tentacles, the effect is very ideal . You have to try it out for yourself.

Sexy small breast clips, chest pleasure

Clips are very common, but clips that can be processed into Chinese sex doll require innate conditions. Plastic or wooden clips with iron rings in the middle are ideal. First of all, let the force of the clip become loose, if it is too tight, it will easily hurt the delicate chest; second, get some soft substance from the cotton swab or dish sponge, it must be thick, and then put it on the two small “mouths” of the clip Son”, in this way, there will be no pain when the chest is clamped, but only pleasure. Remember, iron clips and clips that are too strong must not be used! If the woman screams in pain, she must also take it off.


The following Big Boobs Sex Doll is a bit different, even a little “perverted”, but the effect is very outstanding. First, find a lollipop, and then wrap the candy ball with plastic wrap to make it bigger and bigger; according to the size of a normal lollipop, it can be doubled, and it doesn’t matter how small it is. Secondly, the mini fan is no stranger to everyone. It is a little baby in summer! Take it out, remove the fan head, and bind the lollipop to the small motor. The method is relatively arbitrary, as long as it can be fixed and activated. Just turn it. When you’re done, you’re done, and the homemade rotary massager is OK!

What needs to be reminded is that lollipops wrapped in plastic wrap are better small than large, and mini fans must also find products of qualified quality, and they must not get wet when teasing.



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