Who said there are only big breasted beauties at the sex doll show, you can’t miss these sex dolls too

VR experience with real sex dolls
At this year’s Shanghai Sex Doll Show, the VR experience fair was packed. Many live audiences rushed to watch VR adult videos, and after some experience, they shouted that it was real and enjoyable.


In order to be more realistic, a number of peripheral devices were also placed on the VR experience booth, including egg chairs, VR sex experience suits, aircraft cups, etc. The content of the VR adult video watched by the audience can be synchronized with these peripherals, bringing a more pleasurable experience to the audience.

silicone sex doll are not comparable to inflatable dolls
At this year’s Shanghai silicone sex doll Show, adult products such as artificial silicone human organs, erotic underwear, masturbation sex toys, and sex dolls can be seen everywhere. One of the most striking is the love doll. Although most of the sex dolls on display at the exhibition are only made of ordinary rubber, they are more eye-catching in appearance. For example, the sex doll imitating Bai Qian in the hit drama “Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” has become a highlight of the exhibition.


Compared with ordinary Skinny Sex Dolls, there are also many sex dolls incorporating AI technology at this year’s Shanghai Sex Doll Show. For example, an intelligent sex doll called “Shi Shi” not only has functions such as face recognition and intelligent body surface heating, but also can provide personalized customization according to the needs of users.


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