One-click customized sex doll girlfriend, I will ask a few people who are not interested?

There was once a movie about the love between a man and a sex doll, Her, which was fully voiced by John Scarlett, about the writer Theodore after a long-distance love run that broke his heart. , He fell in love with the female voice in the computer operating system. This girl named “Samantha” not only has a slightly hoarse sexy voice, but also is humorous and understanding, making the lonely male protagonist fall in love.

Theodore, the protagonist of the movie “Sex Doll”
However, in the film, the male protagonist can only hear the female protagonist’s voice and cannot see her. In the end, the male protagonist returned to reality and ended up breaking up because he felt unreal. If you thought I was going to recommend movies to you, you were wrong! I’m laying the groundwork for the world’s first silicone sex doll, which promises to make the tech-savvy scene in the film a reality.


The sex doll, called Harmony, is produced by the Realdoll studio, which is owned by American adult products company Abyss Creations. Her limbs can move, and she can speak. Although the movements of her head, eyelids and lips are still stiff, and her language ability is limited, she is the product of a combination of AI and a highly simulated human body.

The Birth of the Premium flat chested sex doll
Harmony is not only a high-end version of “flat chested sex doll”, she also represents a new revolution in sex doll technology. The sex doll is available in two options, one with facial recognition and one without. At the same time, the most pleasing feature of this sex doll is the ability to customize the character with one click.


As long as users install the App on smart devices such as mobile phones, they can choose and customize their own doll’s personality, including emotions such as “anger” and “melancholy”. However, because this app has obvious inappropriate content for children, it is prohibited from being sold on Google or Apple’s online store, and users can only buy it directly from oksexdoll, which is owned by MOZU dolls.


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