My husband bought a sex doll behind my back

Hateful sex doll
Thinking of chatting with friends a few days ago, she talked about something, her husband bought a sex doll.

She said that last summer, there was a time when she suddenly discovered that before going to bed at night, his husband always went to the living room for a long time, and always she fell asleep and his husband hadn’t returned to the room.

At first, she didn’t care, because every time she coaxed her daughter to sleep, she always asked her husband to go outside to play with her mobile phone first. Her husband always made trouble for her daughter in the room, and she thought her husband was afraid that the sound of playing on the mobile phone would disturb her. With my daughter, I took the initiative to hide in the living room, and I was still a little relieved.


But over time, she realized something was wrong! Before asking her husband to stay outside for a while, he was always in a hurry. After a while, he asked her if her daughter was asleep, can he come in? But in the past few nights, not only did her husband not ask her again, but it was obvious that she went back to her room to sleep much later. She was always asleep, and she never saw her husband.

One night, after the daughter fell asleep, she only turned on the night light by the bedside, and came out wearing pajamas to see what her husband was playing. Who knew that there was no one in the living room, did she go to the toilet? No one is looking for the toilet! She felt that her husband was a little inexplicable. She wanted to go to another room to look for it, but also thought that it was late at night. She was only wearing pajamas and lived with her parents-in-law.

She didn’t fall asleep that night. She didn’t go back to the room until after twelve o’clock. It was nothing different. She also pretended to be asleep. Her husband lay beside her and slept. She didn’t ask anything, but there was a lump in her heart. .

During that time, it was like this every day and night. Sometimes even during the lunch break, her husband would disappear for a while, and then he returned to the room as if nothing had happened. She couldn’t see any difference. She felt more and more uneasy in her heart. Could it be that her husband was doing something bad behind her back? ?

Finally one evening, before her husband got off work, she was looking for clues in several rooms at home. When she found it, she was startled, and she found out that she had seen a silicone sex dolls the size of a human being in another room. , lay it openly on the bed, with condoms, cleaning fluids, lubricants and other large and small boxes in the box next to her. She didn’t want to take a closer look at what those were. the fire!

What does he mean? No wonder I spend so long in this room every night, playing with sex dolls! What does he take me for? Can’t I satisfy him? How can such a disgusting thing be done!

When her husband came back from get off work, she checked his mobile phone. The record of a certain treasure clearly said “Lin Chiling’s version of the inflatable simulation doll package”. Felt disgusting.

I’m mad at my husband for using sex dolls

Holding back her anger, she threw the phone in front of her husband and asked him what he meant?

Her husband admitted it simply, and said shamelessly: “Her breasts are made of silicone, and they are filled with water when they are sucked in, and they don’t feel like they are touched…”

“Get out and play with your doll! Stop disgusting me here!” She interrupted her husband angrily.

“I don’t play that anymore. How can she have my wife? It’s really fun!”

“Get the fuck out of here and play with your mother! Your mother’s fun!” She thought about how her husband recounted the feeling of playing with that in such a detailed manner, and she really sucked, and she was disgusted.

“You’re such a fucking disgusting person, die!” She scolded her husband angrily, “Don’t touch me in the future, I think you are dirty!”


“What’s the point? It’s just to add some fun. If you like it, I’ll buy you a female one.” His husband continued disapprovingly.

“You’re dead, buy me that! How come you are such a person, get out, I don’t want to see you!” She was furious when she was discovered that her husband still had this attitude, it was too hateful.

For a long time in the future, she would not let her husband touch her. The thought of him playing with teen sex dolls like that made her disgusted.

O man! Having a wife and doing this really makes the wife feel uncomfortable. It’s not easy for outsiders to intervene in this kind of thing! Let them figure it out for themselves!


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