We are a husband and wife ADI team teaching in the Braintree, Chelmsford and surrounding areas and offer lessons 7 days a week. We use Peugeot 208 automatic cars and have a car adapted for disability tuition with steering yokes, left sided gas pedal and hand controls.
Automatic cars are becoming ever more popular especially with the move towards hybrid and electric engines which all come with automatic transmissions. If you have tried manual cars but didn’t like the manual transmission, have a disability that means you can only drive an adapted vehicle, or just like the idea of learning in an automatic (you can’t stall it) then this may be a great option for you. We have a lot of experience in teaching pupils that suffer with anxiety, are nervous and tailor the lessons to suit the individual to make learning a great experience.
If you have any questions then please contact us for further information.
Jo & Rich


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