Express Movers provides furniture removal services in Auckland and New Zealand wide. We operate between major cities, like Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson. We also provide a premium moving service for our higher end customers as well. We provide a full packing service of house contents if required. We can also provide packing for international standard moving, as well as organising international moves on our clients behalf.

We also partner with commercial businesses such as large furniture companies, government departments, and apartment developers. We have capabilities to “dress up” between 1 – 200 apartment buildings in a period of up to two weeks. Working with these companies has given us a great reputation in the industry and whether we are moving a small house to a giant apartment block, we provide a diligent, safe, trustworthy team to complete the job.

Recently, over the last 3 years, our team has completed office moves, with up to 100 people, so we have resources to move an office of any size. We can also move up to 300 cubic meters of warehouse items within a week. You can see the images for these jobs on our facebook page.


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