Allcast Precast is the solution for your plunge pool, septic tank and water tank needs. We manufacture all of our tanks in concrete because it has excellent insulating properties and keeps water cool in hot weather. Concrete tanks don’t rust, leak or cave in, and reduces the risk of algae or bacteria growth in the water. Our concrete water tanks are long lasting, low maintenance and fire resistant. For aesthetic purposes our water tanks can be installed above or underground, and fitted with camlock valve fittings for use of fire-fighting purposes.

If you’re thinking about saving water and becoming more eco-friendly, Allcast Precast provides excellent quality concrete water tanks for your septic tank and water purification needs. By using our underground water treatment system, you’re recycling and reusing your waste water for other purposes. Water from your laundry, bathroom and kitchen will be recycled and reused for irrigation, saving water tremendously. This would benefit the environment substantially, considering the frequency of drought and how many people are without water daily. We are certified to deliver and install our water treatment systems according to Queensland requirements.


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