For your corporate, estate and restaurant security needs, Active Motion can assist you. We specialise in access control, CCTV systems, time management and payroll solutions.We use state of the art technology in our CCTV and surveillance cameras and will only recommend the best for your security concerns. In the corporate environment, our biometric systems use face, finger and voice recognition software to keep perfect track of your movements, which is perfect for shift based working environments.

Are you concerned for the safety of your loved ones and belongings at home? We can help you and your family feel more secure with all of the safety technology and solutions we have on offer. We supply booms surrounding your residential area that can either be operated manually or by use of biometric systems or a key fob that will deter intruders from trying to access your home. For your private property, we offer electrified perimeter fencing as well as CCTV systems for your personal surveillance from home.


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