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Fang yuan fled backwards, looking at the nine-leaf grass in his arms. Cao Gu is lifelike, and Fang yuan's heart is constantly responding, reminding him that this is the best material for refining Meng Gu. Fang yuan turned left and right and fled to a small hole. Immediately throw down a few bewitching insects alert, then sit on the ground, according to the memory of the bewitching side, began to refine bewitching. In the middle of the refining, Fang yuan was discovered by the pursuers and blocked the only hole. Fang yuan sighed helplessly and urged several powerful animal shadows to break through by force. During the fierce battle, he held back his emotions and just beat them back without killing them. Moments later, he found a second hole and went into the hole again. This time, the refining time was even shorter, and only about 30% of it was completed, which was discovered by Fangzheng. He's here! Fang Zheng shouted at the top of his voice. Fang yuan sneered and kicked Fang Zheng away. By this time, an old family member had arrived and raided Fang yuan's back. Every injury in the dream is a heavy blow to the soul. Fang yuan fell into danger, hurriedly turned around, broke out several powerful animal shadows, and exploded the old man who attacked him into meat sauce. Fang yuan, you will die a terrible death! Before that, the old man shouted and cursed. The original blurred face suddenly became clear and turned into the appearance of the old school family. Fang yuan sighed helplessly. Just at the critical moment, he was distracted, and the strength of suppressing the emotions in his heart was slightly weakened,socket screw plug, which made the dream deeper. That's why he always kept his hand and didn't kill the pursuers. The scene in the dream is endless, almost endless. Even if Fang yuan killed the pursuers, there would be other pursuers. Even if it is not a pursuer, it will give birth to different interference constraints. And when fighting for life and death, we should concentrate on it, so that emotions are easy to leak out. All kinds of dreams, is to do everything possible to stir up the feelings of the dreamer, so that it does not distinguish between true and false,car radiator cap, and eventually forever indulged in the dream maze, unable to extricate themselves. Fortunately, Fang yuan has the experience of his previous life. Although his achievements in the dream path in his previous life are very pitiful, it is enough for him to face this dream. After getting rid of the pursuers, Fang yuan came to a hall, but it was exactly the same as the scene of refining the reunion of flesh and blood in his memory. Here, Fang yuan finally became a dream insect. When the pursuers came, Fang yuan laughed and said to himself, "Wake up now." Say that finish, the eyes suddenly disappeared, a darkness. Fang yuan slowly opened his eyes, and the darkness dissipated, revealing the scene of the soul palace, just as before he fell asleep. And he sat cross-legged on the couch, Steel investment casting ,deep draw stamping, holding it in his hands, keeping the movements of his dream. In the dream, he is holding the dream that has just been refined. At this time, back to reality, this dream is missing. Fang yuan did not panic, but looked into his own mind. In my mind, a dream was suspended tightly, and all kinds of thoughts around it were like bubbles, flying and dissipating. "The first one dreamed of all the tricks, and finally it was done." Fang yuan smiled with relief. Mengdao is different from other schools. All bewitchments have no body and can only be stored in the mind. Only by dreaming of immortals can we return from emptiness to reality. (To be continued.) Verse 122: Lord Deputy. "Where are you going, thief?" Yaksha Long Shuai led the three immortals to fly in the air at such a speed that they were like four lightning bolts. It was none other than Feng Jiuge who was after him. Disguised as an immortal, he attempted to infiltrate the Kitahara Deadlock Alliance, but at the last moment, he was blocked at the gate of the Assembly Hall. Therefore, it was not the secret of Kitahara that was exposed, which provoked Yaksha Longshuai, one of the three giants of Yinliu Giant City, to personally lead people to kill him. Suddenly, Feng Jiuge stopped and turned to face the four pursuers with a faint smile on his face. "Did you have a hard time chasing?"? Might as well stop, let Fengmou ask a few questions, if the answer is true, Fengmou can keep you alive. "What?" The immortals were furious. Thief, you can't run away. How dare you play tricks in front of your grandfather! A strong man was stiff and had a foul voice. Be careful of cheating. A female immortal immediately urged the reconnaissance means and scanned the surroundings. Almost the next moment, the fairy's stiff face was as pale as paper and she lost her voice and exclaimed. Three Zhongzhou bewitching immortals emerged, and together with Feng Jiuge, they formed a siege, which properly surrounded the immortals who were coming to kill them in the center.
Feng Jiuge chuckled, completely removed the camouflage, and restored his true colors. There was no doubt that the breath of the seven-turn magic fairy was leaking. Immortals are restless. Seven turns to bewitch the fairy! Yaksha Long Shuai's face sank like water, and he immediately opened his mouth to boost morale. "What about the ambush?"? You are four and I am four, and the number of people on both sides is the same. You are a seven-turn fairy, and Ben Shuai is also a seven-turn fairy. Don't think that immortals are weak, but we don't want to fight for no reason at ordinary times. How dare you Outland bewitching immortals want to attack our Beiyuan Deadlock Alliance? Hum "Yes, don't think I'm afraid of you!" "War is war." "You are provoking our alliance. Have you thought about the consequences?" The immortals opened their mouths one after another, and the morale of the troops was certain. Feng Jiuge clasped his hands and said with a smile, "I'm afraid your letters for help have passed through the blessed land and been sent to the great city of Yin." In this statement, the three immortals were stiff with a slight change in complexion, and overnight the dragon commander's eyes flickered. Immortals are in an awkward position, and if they can avoid fighting, they will try to avoid it. It was not particularly far from the great city of Yin Liu, so at the moment when the immortals of Zhongzhou emerged, the four immortals all sent back the news at the same time. This is not because they are afraid of death, can use the reinforcements, why not try to make good use of it? The greater the number of people, the greater the advantage, even if the fierce fight, the loss will be less,DIN screw plug, and the benefits after the war will be more. Those who become bewitching immortals are shrewd. Even a battle maniac is not a mindless battle. If this is true, even if you become a fairy, you will not live long. autoparts-dx.com