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Yang Lingfang was also startled but in his heart he didn't believe that these Japanese knew anything about invulnerability If they really had this kind of kung fu why should they make a living at sea You can drive straight into the world 。 At this time to see their own QinJun really arrow to kill he is more convinced from the judgment of the second but Wei Suo Guan Ping's arrow why Catalystsa can't kill people he is still fog rustling do not understand but at this time also attend to finish The leaders of this group of Japanese pirates are a down-and-out Japanese samurai Feiqian Shou and a Chinese pirate Chen Dong Every spring and autumn this group of people come to the coast as pirates to rob In other seasons they buy goods from illegal merchants in the Ming Dynasty and transport them to Japan Luzon and other places to make huge profits Over the past year the war in Japan has become more and more fierce the daimyo are in urgent need of a large number of materials and money to stabilize their own basin but since the shogunate general Ashikaga no longer submit to Daming Daming is no longer with them to do a survey of the poor many daimyo simply ordered his men to act as smugglers and pirates which robbed their business and made their lives more and more down-and-out So the two groups of pirates merged to strengthen their power They're in a state of disrepair She's very backward in warship making Those ships were sawed into squares with large pieces of wood When they were connected they did not use iron nails only iron sheets hemp tendons or tung oil to fill the gaps but used straw to plug the gaps They could not resist the large ships of the Ming army at all especially the Fu ships and the Guangzhou ships As long as they collided lightly their ships would fall apart There was no advantage at sea so they could only use the vast coastline of Daming to wander around and go ashore to rob It was the first time the two bandits had done big business together They thought they would use the tide to take Haining by surprise Unexpectedly as soon as the ship docked they found that the Ming army was already in full battle array Fei Qianshou and Chen Dong were also secretly surprised thinking that they had leaked the news So the war of two people rely on in the end always dare not put all the force into in case of the Ming army The two men went up to the bow of the boat to watch only to see that the number of Ming troops on the beach was not large and their clothes were not formal military dress Among those who seemed to be dressed up as salt workers there was a man waving a big sword The broadsword was in his hands like a windmill As soon as he was hit by it the man was killed He was as invincible as a tiger or a flock of sheep Tidal tower is in front of a group of QingYi cap of the army the same color ju although the number of this group of people is small but all valiant and the whole team into a sharp triangle like a sharp arrow straight into the front Japanese customary three or five groups harass destruction of the method does not work triangle inside the Ping also from time to time out of a short tube to firearms to kill people This kind of equipment is not the firearms provided by the Pirate Guard Corps The main weapons of Japanese pirates are knives and bows and occasionally there are firearms such as birds But these pirates are poorer than soft The sea is humid and it is not easy to keep bows and arrows Besides the simple pruning is not accurate and lethal enough and the best arrow-branches and arrow-clusters are more expensive than soft ones so there are not many bows and arrows But their long swords are extremely powerful China Chemicals Suppliers these Japanese pirates use Japanese long swords about 14 meters almost catch up with the height of those small choppers The length and weight of this Dao is almost twice that of the Dao commonly used by the Ming army and it can be used with both hands The single Dao of the Ming army could only be used with one hand and its strength speed and length were all very poor In addition the Japanese Dao adopted the Baogang technology of the Tang Dao when making Dao while the Baogang Dao of the Ming army was expensive and only the edge of the Dao distributed by the officers and soldiers was Baogang so it could be imagined who would win or lose when the strength of both sides was comparable Coincidentally I met the Qinjun of Yang Ling today They used all the all-steel long-handled ju swords which were 13 meters long and almost not weaker than them Those who used the swords were all the elite of the Beijing Army who had been instructed by the Shaolin Temple and the Royal Guards These fanzi didn't pay attention to the provocation and temptation of the Japanese pirates at all Their duty was to protect Yang Ling so they would never separate The formation of eighty people was like a sharp sword Eighty knives rose and fell one after another The whole knife array kept wandering It was like a cunning meat machine on the beach in front of the tide pavilion Those who got up were immediately killed by random knives A Japanese pirate with a long sword wanted to use the long one to control the short one but without waiting for him to get close he had already pulled out a short blunderbuss and hit him all over his face Every time these fanzi swim around
Make the inner layer become the outer layer and the outer layer become the inner layer The swordsman of the inner layer receives the knife and returns the blunderbuss while recovering his physical strength and at the same time loads Adhesives the ammunition and uses the fire blunderbuss In this way the Japanese pirates who are equipped with very few bows and arrows are completely in a one-sided state of being beaten just like they used to slaughter the Ming army of Wei Suo Rao is the pirates who are not afraid of death but also can not help but have the intention to quit At this time Yang Ling around twenty marksmen also give full play to the role of the sniper they stood on the top of the pavilion unhurriedly only pay attention to those like the Japanese leader see clearly is an arrow lost the leader of the Japanese not only tactics chaos psychological shock force is far better than the fear of death not waiting for the big leader ordered the Japanese have begun to retreat gradually The Japanese were suspicious not only fat before life suspicious even Chen Dong a native pirate also secretly suspicious I do not know what these officers and soldiers are Fei Qianshou saw that the lethality of the civilian officer with a broadsword in the ranks of salt soldiers was really frightening The Ming army shot a lot of cold arrows then beckoned to someone to present a hard bow take the arrow in the side secretly aimed at Min Wenjian want to learn to shoot the Ming army generals The archer on the pavilion saw that the leader of the Japanese pirates who could not be shot could not be found before the beach and the target gradually shifted to the ship A captain saw two people surrounded by Japanese pirates on the last big ship One of them aimed at the crowd of salt soldiers with a bow and arrow and immediately called a commander He replaced the ever-changing bow in his hand which was not equipped in the army but also a sharp weapon specially developed by the Royal Guards This kind of bow can increase or decrease the bowstring at any time adjust the strength of the bow change the bow adjust the bow into a hard bow of three stones and take a carved arrow With all his strength he pulled open the hard bow and aimed at the Japanese leader who raised the bow with a key shot on his chest These three crossbows are too strenuous although these people standing on the pavilion is not threatened twenty people are peeping at the Japanese leader before the arrow at this time everyone has been exhausted the palm class natural power this arrow shot The bow was also hanging on the ground and the arms were somewhat out of force globalchemmall.com