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"Yes, General Manager Fang of Dafang Group is very famous. How can I not know him?" Beibei reached out his hand and shook it lightly with him. It happened that Shi Qibai came from there and saw Fang Xin coming, so he began to greet him. Beibei took the opportunity to pull Xiao Ai to a place where there was no one. Why are you with him? She remembered that she had asked Xiao Fang and knew that the famous General Manager Fang was a famous playboy who liked the life of debauchery and was quite calculating. Xiao Ai is with him, and it's better not to get hurt. What's going on? Beibei, don't listen to the rumors outside. Ashin is actually a very good person. Those so-called debauchery things are just social intercourse. He is handsome and considerate. He is very kind to me. Speaking of Fang Xin, Xiao Ai was obsessed with his face. No, is this guy stuck in it? Beibei was worried and just wanted to say something more, but he saw that Fang Xin was already coming towards them. Fang Xin walked to Xiao Ai's side with a smile, put his arm around Xiao Ai's small waist, and said, "What are the two beauties talking about, so mysterious?" "Oh, I'm examining Xiao Ai. I know I'm engaged today and I won't come early." Beibei answered in front of Xiao Ai. Little Ai smiled and went to the bathroom. Beibei didn't want to talk to Fang Xin and was trying to find an excuse to walk away when Fang Xin opened his mouth. I didn't expect that Miss An's engagement partner would be Shi Zong. When I saw Miss An and Xiao Zong together that day, I thought you two were a couple. Fang Xin said and laughed. Beibei's face changed, suppressing the waves in his heart, and calmly said: "General Manager Fang is joking." "Oh, but I think Miss Ann and General Manager Xiao are a better match." Fang Xin had a defiant smile on his face. Beibei frowned slightly, then smiled faintly and said: "General Manager Fang should talk to General Manager Shi about this." "Tell me what?" Shi Qibai then came over and naturally encircled Beibei with his hand. Oh, it was General Manager Fang who said that I was not good enough for you. Beibei smiled,pipe fittings manufacturer, the whole person homeopathy nestled in the arms of Shi Qibai, the tone of the charming tut sounds like a joke. Warm fragrance in the bosom, Shi Qibai smiled sweetly, "Oh, Fang Zong is really joking, I ah, is my wife to go east,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, I will not go west, my wife let heaven, I will move the ladder, afraid she is not happy, say I do not deserve her." Fang Xin smiled awkwardly and quickly said, "Miss Ann loves to joke. I want to say that you two are really a pair made in heaven. I really envy you here." Shi Qibai laughed, while Beibei glanced disdainfully at Fang Xin. "The fox is really cunning." What do you envy, and when has General Manager Fang ever lacked a beauty? Beibei and I, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. We look at each other well. We can't compare with General Manager Fang. Beibei heard the sarcasm in Shi Qibai's tone and couldn't help laughing. Xiao Ai came back and saw everyone chatting happily, and his heart relaxed. She met Fang Xin on the plane. Fang Xin was tall and had a peach blossom face. His maturity, elegance, generosity and consideration finally touched her heart. But also because Fang Xin is not like other men, all day around her, he is very enterprising, 14 needle valve ,12 needle valve, but will not neglect her because of his busy career, such a man, in her heart, can be met but not sought. PS: Don't forget to recommend when you come to read the article. Thank you! Chapter 183: Have you come to the bridal chamber? Back to the villa in the evening, Beibei's whole body was falling apart. The engagement was so painful that he didn't want to get married. Lying there and resting for a while, she suddenly remembered Xiao Ai. Hurriedly got up and rushed to Shi Qibai's room. He wanted to ask him about Fang Xin. When he pushed the door open, he saw Shi Qibai coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. Khan, in a hurry, she forgot to knock. Shi Qibai didn't mind at all. With a perfect radian at the corners of his mouth, he sat leisurely on the bed and said, "Are you in such a hurry to come to the bridal chamber?" Beibei's eyes are blinking hard. What kind of room is there? Shi Qibai looked her up and down, tutted his mouth, shook his head and said with regret, "It's a pity, it's a pity." "What's the pity?" Beibei has not yet figured out the situation, standing there with a face of confusion.
"Too bad I've already had a bath." Shi Qibai sighed again. What does it matter to me whether you take a bath or not? This man is so inexplicable. Eh? Aren't you in such a hurry to break into the door so that you can take a bath with me? Shi Qibai showed a puzzled expression on his face, but in fact he was already laughing in his heart. I, I just forgot to knock. What kind of bird bath? Straight. Beibei red face hurriedly back out, when going out to take the door conveniently, she wants to knock on the door and enter again. Knock knock knock ~ ~ "Knock, knock, knock" MD, he's really on his nose. Knocked on the door for a long time, Shi Qibai did not answer inside, Beibei was annoyed, kicked the door open again, and rushed in. Once inside, she regretted it. A vivid picture of a beautiful man changing clothes appeared in front of her eyes. That figure, that muscle, that skin, that curve, and that charming smile. She reached out to touch her nose, but fortunately, there was no nosebleed. The next second, she screamed and rushed out of his room. It's a shame that someone has been seen by her. Will she be responsible for it? Pity her, a little girl with pure thoughts. Where has she seen this. Beibei is in the bath. Shit, she used the shampoo as a bath lotion. Oh, I accidentally staggered the cold water switch. It's broken. I forgot to bring in the bath towel and bathrobe. Whew! I'm finally done with this bath. But why did she just go to find Shi Qibai? Think hard, oh, how to forget it? "Ann Beibei, what are you doing?" Shi Qibai passed by her door and saw a strange sight. I'm blowing my hair. Beibei hand movement did not stop, subconsciously replied. Haven't you seen this? Really- Ah! She looked into the mirror, threw away the styling gel in her hand,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, looked at the hair dryer that had been lying beside her without moving, and blushed. Sorry, I was distracted just now. But chinaroke.com