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Isn't such an ending the best ending? The moon bowed her head and stood shyly, suddenly feeling peace and joy in her heart. Originally, this is the happiness I dream of. Thinking of this, she raised her head and shouted in the direction of Jun Moye in the distance: "Jun.." San Shao, you can rest assured that I will never take revenge again. A burst of laughter came from Jun Moye in the distance. "You girl, but also really silly." Lord of evil, that's what you can take revenge on? Even if you stand without resistance and let you cut. Who can you cut? You can't cut it even if you're so tired! Guan Dongliu smiled reproachfully, and all his friends laughed. The moon stood for a moment with a red face, but she couldn't help laughing. At this time, in the fierce battle of Jun Moye heart but rose a burst of enlightenment: "So this is the situation!"! Fate comes, that is, love. Love has been sad since ancient times! Love, can make people beyond redemption, can also make people stand to become a Buddha! The former can make people become demons, while the latter can make people become saints! Love. So this is the love pass! Sunrise in the east and again in the west.
Tao is heartless but affectionate! Jun Moye heart a burst of bright Liu Xiu, suddenly feel this moment of their own as if suddenly thoroughly enlightened in general, countless subtle but stubborn obstacles, in their own hearts, minds suddenly turned into nothing. He felt that no matter his mind or body,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, he was in perfect harmony. At this moment, he suddenly entered the seventh layer of the creation of heaven! Jun Moye gave a long roar and suddenly flew up. With a wave of his hands, an extremely hot fire dragon flew out of the left side for more than a thousand feet, but on the right side was a misty frost surge, which froze all the aliens within a thousand feet of the front into ice! At such a critical moment, we have broken through again! Moreover, it is not only a breakthrough in the creation of heaven,side impact door beams, but also a breakthrough in the state of mind! This has troubled all the heroes from ancient times to the present, broken! That's a good break! The breakthrough of this pass directly raised Jun Moye's mood to an unprecedented void! Not only is Jun Moye ecstatic because of his amazing breakthrough, Hongjun Tower seems to be ecstatic because of the master's progress, it seems that this day, it has been waiting for a long time! At the beginning of the breakthrough, the rich Hongmeng purple gas inside the whole Hongjun Pagoda suddenly became restless as never before, and then formed a purple whirlwind, which poured into Jun Moye's meridians as crazily as if it were free. The transport volume this time is so large that it is truly unprecedented! Coincidentally, the endurance of Jun Moye's meridians also seemed to have increased thousands of times in this moment, and the vast amount of Hongmeng purple gas transported by the sea was swallowed up like a whale swallowing heaven and earth! In the Dantian, the world derived from the creation of heaven suddenly expanded sharply. In a twinkling of an eye, it had expanded billions of times. As far as the eye could see, the gray and lifeless fog disappeared in an instant. The sky was high and the earth was wide! At this moment, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, this side of heaven and earth is really formed heaven and earth! Although there is still no sun, moon and stars, nor mountains and rivers, but this is indeed the clear sky and earth! And before like a fog to see flowers as hazy, simply can not be mentioned in the same breath! In anyone's eyes, there is a clear blue sky overhead and a thick black land at the foot! If we say that before the beginning of heaven and earth, there is still endless Hongmeng, but now it is the beginning of heaven and earth! And Jun Moye's cultivation, because of the evolution of the creation of heaven, has directly climbed to the peak level of the seventh level of the creation of heaven! Their own strength is strong, and then there is a substantial improvement! Feeling his amazing progress, Jun Moye was so excited that he looked up to the sky and laughed. His clothes fluttered in midair like a fairy. Then he shouted coldly: "Let's work together to kill all these alien races and eradicate them. No one will be left behind. There will be no future trouble forever. Heaven and earth will be peaceful!" On the ground, the big 6 coalition forces have now gained the absolute upper hand! You overheard the call of the nephew, a long roar, already ready to stop alone vertical and horizontal and Murong Fengyun two veterans also followed a command, Tianxiang hundred battle army into the battlefield! It's like an avalanche of people rushing towards the alien people! Defeat like a mountain! The fifth chapter five hundred and nine seventh floor! The power of thunder! Although the alien people are brave and fearless of death, but at this time the seven brains with absolute strength, except for one, the other six people have been killed, it can be said that there is no dragon, like a headless fly, no rules and regulations, is a mess. But the big six aspects have the follow-up fresh troops to join in, the human sea tactics simply can not be used, and the real combat power of the warriors will be higher than them, originally only trapped in their superior forces, temporarily unable to get out of trouble, but now under the successive losses, even the biggest reliance-superior forces are now at a great disadvantage.. It's really hard to recover! Many people are still frantically resisting, but some people have already begun to look around and prepare to rub oil on the soles of their feet.
But generally speaking, although the alien race is at a disadvantage, it has not yet reached the point of collapse. The war is still fierce and continuing! The number of casualties on both sides continues to grow! Mei Xueyan, dressed in white, was particularly conspicuous. The long sword was like the wind, like cutting melons and vegetables to slay the enemy wantonly, but her white dress was spotless. A large amount of blood spattered wantonly, even if occasionally sprayed on her body, was immediately slipped down, unexpectedly did not leave even a little trace. The countless swords and weapons of the alien race had also been cut on her body, and Mei Xueyan seemed to have no feeling at all. Hugh wanted to say that he was injured, and there was not even a wrinkle on his clothes! Even if the supreme day endure a full blow, unexpectedly also seems to be chopped into the air in general, completely no effect! Wen Yuxin Silk! Mei Xueyan now knows that the clothes she wears are precious treasures that are hard to find! Not only is it invulnerable to fire and water,side impact beams, invulnerable to swords and guns, but even a magic weapon full of holy level Xuanqi can't leave any trace on this dress, let alone hurt itself!. cbiesautomotive.com