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Holy Sword Flying Frost-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

Suddenly he saw the light of the other side's sword skyrocket like a divine dragon going out to sea to the second volume of the King of Yang Soul Only then did he know that the other side's technique was fantastic virtual and real and could not be measured When he hurriedly went up Huangfuwei had already split five strokes with Wang Jing Then with the help of Wang Jinger in his left hand Wang Jing'er punched fiercely and banged and the two men fought hard Ghost yuan Jing has been snatched back brandished a knife to attack fought several strokes suddenly felt that the situation seems to be bad unconsciously out of a cold sweat It turned out that yuan Jing the ghost knew that Huangfuwei's family tradition was unique in the world so he used his tricks to do his best in his life This kind of play is naturally extremely exhausting But with such internal masters as them they can always fight for one or two hundred Only then did I feel exhausted This moment however was not the case He had only made seven moves and immediately felt that the True Qi of the Dantian was slightly blocked and his strength seemed to have weakened a lot This ghost yuan Jing is more poisonous and resourceful although the heart is shocked and inexplicable the surface is still not revealed Secretly check Yang soul Wang Jing two suddenly found that he has lost the usual such a powerful bearing Huangfuwei did Construction & Real Estate not know that the other side was so mysterious so he concentrated on creating and attacked the other side continuously Dismantled six or seven strokes again imitated to find the flaw fell to the ground a sword to split in Yang soul is the essence of two miserable hum immediately fell to the ground The ghost yuan Jing opened his eyes wide and snapped "Tu yuanting what did you do to my brother" In the sound of his voice Huang Fuwei reached the light and suddenly rolled up; the ghost yuan Jingji hurriedly flashed sideways and at the same time brandished his sword to seal the frame But seeing the light of the sword suddenly flashed across yuan Jing screamed His right arm was shoulder-length and he was about to fall down "What did you say" Huangfuwei shouted in a deep voice The ghost yuan Jing could hardly stand but he still gritted his teeth and replied "Huangfu Wei's martial arts are very strong but he can't see them within twenty strokes" Take our brother's life don't you Huang Fuwei had seen their martial arts and was really not an ordinary person so he nodded and said "Yes but so what" yuan Jing the soul of the Ming Dynasty snorted in pain and said "Our brothers have all been tricked by Tu yuanting Otherwise we'd still have to fight tonight" Huang Fuwei said blankly "Since you are on the same road why did Tu yuanting plot against you two" Ghost yuan Jing murmured a few words Huangfuwei could not hear clearly was about to ask only to see the ghost yuan Jing shook greatly then turned over and fell to the ground motionless probably fainted Huang Fuwei was puzzled and looked around in a hurry but there was no movement As soon as he changed his mind he rushed to the big tree where Jin Xu and others were hiding Suddenly a fire rose and Huangfuwei looked up and was stunned It turned out that the light of the fire was four thick torches stuck in the ground In the middle of the torch stood a man with a woman in his arms The other side is a flat grassland China Suppliers so look at the past at a glance behind the man about three Zhangs is the woods standing in the shadow of the woods seven or eight big fellow each strong suit holding a strong crossbow in his hand set up a long arrow In front of the man was a waist-high wooden shelf with many sharp knives shining in it Although Huangfuwei is extremely intelligent but at the moment in such a battle but also can not figure out what it is the wooden frame used to do what also can not understand but the appearance if a person fell in the frame will be stabbed black and blue by the many sharp knives at the same time because of the strange structure of the wooden frame it seems difficult to climb up for a while He thought about it quickly but he was not sure at all and then he walked slowly The man had a handsome face but his eyes shone with a vicious light He waited until Huangfuwei was within three feet of him "Stop" he said coldly "This woman's life is in your hands!" Huangfuwei caught a glimpse of a dagger in his left hand under the woman's side and he dared not disobey him He stopped in his tracks This moment Huang Fuwei has decided one thing that is we need to gain more time in order to come up with countermeasures
Then he sneered and said "Isn't this woman your cousin Du Jun" What happened to you and her husband and wife Yan Ru that day and tonight The man was none other than Tu yuan-ting the master of divine calculation He said with a sneer "Why should Mr Huangfu ask Home & Garden such a question knowingly"! This bitch has nothing to do with me You should know that when a woman has defected it is more terrible than a poisonous snake If you don't get rid of it quickly it will turn around and kill you! Huang Fuwei shrugged his shoulders and said "Even if you're right what do you mean by this" Tu yuanting stretched out his hand and patted Du Jun's back vest Du Jun gave a sound but she could only hum and could not move "She's not dead yet" said Tu yuan-ting "You've heard her voice Now listen to me this knife in front of me is my own design if you push this bitch in it she will be broken all over But it won't be fatal for a while Even if you try your best to help her out it will take a long time "I've already seen that" said Huangfuwei "but so what" Tu yuanting said "This knife is designed to prevent you from attacking me regardless of everything" If you do this I will not kill her but push her down in the knife and then retreat Huangfu admired her from the bottom of his heart and said "This is really a wonderful way Once she falls in the middle of the knife it will take me a long time to save her and then you can escape" Isn't it But have you ever thought that I might disdain to listen to her screams and struggles and that I must kill you as soon as possible Tu yuan-ting looked up to heaven and laughed "If I hadn't thought of that I would have been called the son of God in vain!" wwwxiaOShuOtxTCom Chapter 20 getting drunk xiaoshuotxt。 com He paused for a moment and said "The man behind me but a good archer can penetrate a poplar branch within a hundred paces" As soon as you come and I retreat their shower of arrows can block you for a long time with a cup of hot tea How can you catch up with me in this dark night when you are not familiar with the terrain Huangfu Wei raised his eyebrows and said in a harsh voice "So the two ghosts of Qimen were really killed by you so they lost their strength and died tragically under my sword" 。 trade-global.com