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"Maybe it's a formation or something.". And I think it's very likely that the fog is used to keep outsiders out. If you don't have a certain perseverance, you will probably retreat when you see the white fog. Uncle Mu Li said, "Now the situation in this village is getting more and more complicated. The old lady in the shroud has appeared, and the shaman has appeared again." At this point, everyone was silent. Indeed, the situation is too bad for us now. At this time, Mufeng encouraged everyone: "It's all right, don't we still have Lingling?"? Lingling is a sewing head, her sewing needles are also very powerful, as long as there are sewing needles in hand, these people must not be our opponents. Speaking of sewing needles, I just remembered that in order to save Lin Mu, my sewing needles had been thrown into the death pool. Either way, I have to get my stitches back. So, when I said it, everyone looked at me in surprise. Liu Changsheng, in particular, seemed to have a special understanding of the sewing head. He exclaimed,ultrasonic handheld welder, "Lingling, you are crazy.". Stitching is the mark of a stitcher, and each stitcher can only have one stitch in his lifetime. If you lose it, you will never be able to practice the skill of sewing people. Everyone shook their heads and sighed. Then I suddenly realized the importance of sewing for me! I suddenly felt a sense of responsibility that the needle was in the person and the needle was dead. So I stood up and said solemnly, "I'm going to the pool to get the stitches back. I can't throw it away.". After all, I'm a real seamstress, and I can't do anything without stitches. "No,ultrasonic extraction cbd, it's too dangerous." "Yes, Lingling, you can't be so capricious." Lingling, you lost the needle because you saved me. Well, I'm responsible for helping you get it back. I'll go and you stay here. It was Lin Mu who said this, and after that he actually walked toward the death pool. I was dumbfounded and pulled him back. Are you trying to make me angry? Everyone looked at Lin Mu in surprise. I couldn't help saying, "Lin Mu, don't be so capricious, OK?"? You can't get close to the death pool. Isn't the lesson of the last time enough. If you go, you'll only ask me to save you again. As soon as I said it, Lin Mu lowered his head apologetically. Uncle Mu Li stood up, sighed and said, "Let's go together. After all, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, sewing is really important for Lingling, and we must have sewing needles. If not, we may die tonight." Under the guidance of Uncle Mu Li, we went in. When I came to the bank of the death pool, I clearly saw my sewing needle lying there quietly in a trough of blood. I was relieved to see that the stitches had not disappeared. I turned to look at Uncle Mu Li, and he nodded to me. I looked at everyone with a smile, then took a breath and jumped into the death pool. Sewing was not far from me. As long as I go down, I can hook it. But the moment I step on the bottom of the death pool, I can't control my body. A force held me, put my body flat, and then put me in the position where Lin Mu had been lying before. It just happened in a moment. All of a sudden, I felt very comfortable all over my body, and my soul was going up to heaven. Is this really heaven? I remembered that I had come to get the stitches, but it was very comfortable to lie down. I told myself that I would lie down for two more minutes. Two minutes later, I would get up and get the stitches. But slowly, my consciousness became more and more blurred, and I couldn't remember who I was and what I wanted to do. All I know is that I'm going to have a good time in this place. It's very comfortable here. I don't want to leave. There is a consciousness in my mind that tells me to lie down, lie down, and lie here for a lifetime. At this time, a four-eyed green fox ran over, and it was the one before. It was hovering around me, with four eyes fixed on me. I looked into his eyes and he suddenly smiled. I knew what it meant in an instant. It seemed to say, "Well, am I right? This is heaven. If you stay, you can get everything you want." I couldn't help nodding.
"How are you, Lingling?" "Lingling, be careful. That fox is not a good fox. Be careful of it." "Lingling, I'm coming to save you." I turned to look in the direction of the voice, only to see three blurred figures baring their teeth and claws, and I suddenly laughed heartlessly. It's so comfortable here. Why should I care about them. It seemed that someone was really going to jump down, but a man held him back. Suddenly, I felt something piercing my skin, and I could feel my blood flowing out, along the blood trough, clearly visible. But I didn't have any pain, and I had a vague sense of excitement. My whole body seems to be floating. I feel like I've suddenly become a star. There are a lot of fans who are crazy about me and shout for me. When I held a concert, someone fainted because of excessive excitement. The whole world revolved around me. I was so happy. The corners of my mouth turned up slightly. Was I dreaming? If it is really a dream, then let the dream not wake up. I smiled and tried to close my eyes. Just then, however, I suddenly heard the whistle of a bus. Quack. Quack.. The bus just came in front of me like it was going to hit me. Through the glass of the bus, I suddenly saw Chen Xiaocheng. He looked at me with a smile and passed by me. Chapter 67 The Disappearing Uncle. 2016-06-23 04:39 update | 3157 words Seeing Chen Xiaocheng, I suddenly remembered what happened on the No.23 bus. At that time,ultrasonic spray nozzle, in order to get the blood coffin, he integrated himself with the No.23 bus and sent me out of the bus, while he drove the bus alone between Yin and Yang. fycgsonic.com