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I led her and her maid to the parlour, keeping my head down and trying to hide my face all the way. I don't think she'll recognize me because I'm sure she didn't see my face when I went to return my kimono. And the maid who accompanies her now is not the young woman who took the kimono from me with tears in her eyes. Twenty minutes later, Douye and her maid were leaving, and when her maid opened the door, I felt my suffering was over. But instead of going out, Douye was staring at me. What's your name, little girl? I beat a drum in my heart and told her my name was Chiyo. Douye sighed a long sigh. "What unusual eyes!" She said, "I thought I imagined it.". What color would you say they are, Tatsumi? Her maid came back from the door and looked at me. Blue-gray, madam. She replied. That's exactly what I want to say. So, how many girls in Gion do you think have such eyes? I didn't know whether Douye was talking to me or to Tatsumi, but neither of us answered. She looked at me with a strange expression on her face. Then she apologized and left, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Nearly a month later, the maid said someone was looking for me outside. I rushed downstairs and recognized the woman as the maid who had accompanied Douye to our gallery a few weeks ago. She asked me to wait for her at three o'clock the next afternoon at the small bridge over the Shirakawa River, but she didn't say what it was. I didn't want to, but the next day Pumpkin found something to send me out. I went to the rendezvous and waited for Douye's maid. She led me across the bridge and walked along the river to a gate,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, the one where Hatsumomo and Guanglin forced me to go upstairs and return my kimono last time. Chiyo is here, madam. She exclaimed. Then I heard Douye say loudly in the back room, "I know, thank you, Tatsumi!" " The maid led me to a table under the open window, and I knelt on a cushion, trying not to be nervous. Douye's apartment is not very big,Oil Dropper Bottle, but it is very elegant. The beautiful tatami mats in the room are obviously new, because they shine with a lovely yellow-green luster and emit a strong straw fragrance. If you look closely enough at a tatami mat, you will notice that it is usually just a dark cotton or linen border around the mat, but the border around the mat is made of silk, with green and gold patterns on it. In the room, there was a beautiful calligraphy scroll hanging in the wall urn not far away. Later, I learned that it was a gift from the famous calligrapher Matsudaira Gongyi to Douye. On the base of the wooden wall urn below the scroll is a handful of blooming dogwoods, and the container for the flowers is an irregularly shaped dark black glazed plate with obvious glaze cracks. I thought the platter looked strange, but in fact it was given to Douye by none other than the master Potter Yoshida Sakuji, who was regarded as a living national treasure after World War II. Finally, Douye emerged from the back room, Amber Dropper Bottles ,glass cream jars, dressed in a gorgeous milk-colored kimono with a watery pattern at the hem. As she shuffled toward the table, I turned and bowed deeply to her on the mat. She reached the table, knelt down opposite me, took a sip of the tea the maid had served her, and said: "Here.." Chiyo, right? Why don't you tell me how you got out of the gallery this afternoon? I'm sure Mrs. Nitta doesn't like her maid to go out on private business in broad daylight. Of course I didn't expect her to ask such a question. The bean leaf sips the tea and looks at me, the perfect goose egg face is kind and kind. Finally, she said: You thought I was going to scold you. But I'm just concerned that you didn't get yourself in trouble by coming here. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard her say that. I'm all right, ma'am. I said, "Someone sent me out to buy Kabuki magazines and shamisen." "Oh, that's easy. I have plenty of both." She said, and called her maid to fetch some magazines and strings and put them on the table before me. When you go back to the gallery, take them with you so no one will suspect where you've been. Well, tell me one thing. When I went to your gallery to pay my respects, I met another girl of your age. That must be a pumpkin.
Is it a round face? Douye asked me why I called her Pumpkin. I explained, and she laughed. This pumpkin. She said, "How is her relationship with Hatsumomo?" "Well, madam." I said, "I don't think the pumpkin is more important in Hatsumomo's heart than a leaf falling in the yard." "It's so poetic." A leaf falling in the courtyard. Is that how Hatsumomo treats you? I opened my mouth to speak, but in fact I didn't know what to say. I don't know much about bean leaves, and it's not appropriate to speak ill of Hatsumomo in front of outsiders. Douye seemed to feel my thoughts, because she said to me, When Hatsumomo and I met, I was only six years old, and she was only nine years old. When you watch an animal do bad things for such a long time, it's easy to see what it will do next. "She could not tolerate the presence of an opponent." Douye continued, "That's why she treated you like that." "Hatsumomo certainly doesn't see me as her opponent, madam." I said, "I compare myself to her like a puddle to the sea." Maybe you're no match for her at the tea house in Gion. But in your gallery, things are different. Don't you find it strange that Mrs. Niita never took Hatsumomo as her daughter? Xintian Art Museum must be the richest art museum in the garden, but it has no heir. By adopting Hatsumomo, Mrs. Niita can not only solve the problem of heirs, but also all the income of Hatsumomo will be owned by the art museum, and not a penny will flow into Hatsumoto's hands. Besides, Hatsumomo is a very successful geisha! If you think about it, Mrs. Xintian loves money as much as others, and she should have adopted Hatsumomo long ago. There must be a very good reason why she didn't, don't you think? I certainly never thought about it before,30ml dropper bottle, but after listening to Douye's words, I firmly believe that I know the exact reason why the art museum did not adopt Hatsumomo. Adopt Hatsumomo. I said, "It's like letting a tiger out of a cage." 。 penghuangbottle.com